Account Based Marketing

84% of Marketers believe that ABM provides significant benefits for retaining and expanding current client relationships

DECK 7 Advantage

An account based marketing and sales approach means focusing on growing your current customer accounts and engaging with decision makers at specific target accounts. To be successful, ABM approaches require not just content marketing but customized marketing, not just demographic data but intent data, and not just commitment from your marketing team but participation from the sales team.

How do you use ABM as a strategic marketing approach? And how do you capture the benefits of ABM over other marketing and sales approaches. DECK 7 works with leading companies on several hundred B2B ABM campaigns each year. By combining a strong data-driven approach with our time-tested ABM framework, DECK 7 helps companies scale growth and revenue by creating systems that enhance relevant relationships using highly customizable content. Collaborate with a dedicated DECK 7 account manager today to start growing your accounts.

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Account Based Marketing Services and Offerings:

  • ABM strategy and execution including sales integration, account lists, personalization, targeted outreach, buying signals, account metrics, customer acquisition, and account growth
  • Data solutions for named and target accounts including individual contact level data and intent data
  • IP and geo location based targeting
  • Prospect-specific content customization and dynamic content marketing
  • Retargeting and customized advertising campaigns
  • Lead nurturing and waterfall campaigns