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The education industry is a very large and extremely competitive industry. The biggest hurdle for most educational programs is being able to stand out from all the different options that each person has available to them. If you want your organization to stand out, digital marketing is a perfect solution. With so many different educational and training programs, both traditional and online, without a digital marketing plan in place, yours will go unnoticed.

Here are some key factors that influence the success of marketers in the education industry, and how Deck 7 can help with each of them:


Digital marketing in the world of higher education is as competitive as ever and doesn’t look to be easing up anytime soon. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for the small to mid-sized colleges and universities to compete, leaving many responsible for generating website traffic, improving rankings, and generating leads with few options. It’s no easy task to produce results while keeping costs low, especially when some CPCs are costing higher ed marketers upwards of $50 or more!

A well thought out web design or product means nothing unless your target audience can find it. Deck 7 uses an integrated approach to SEO/SEM to connect your target audience with your website or product. Through our SEO campaigns, Deck 7 can help your SERP rankings, and the overall online presence for your business.


Both through organic, page-management efforts, as well as Facebook Ads are effective for reaching an audience. This is very powerful because of persona targeting, which allows you to reach specific demographics based on age, gender, interests, people similar to people who already like your page and so much more.

Crafting and supporting a solid social media marketing strategy requires expertise, attention to detail and on-going hard work to drive campaign performance. Deck 7 creates data-driven social media marketing strategies for our clients that engages prospects and encourages conversations from your target audience.


Once someone has been to your website, retargeting allows your ads to follow that perspective student online. Picking a school can be a long buying cycle, from 30 days or up to a year, and retargeting is a great way to stay top of mind by being a consistent presence for them across the web.

With 7 channels of engagement that are the core of Deck 7’s Framework for Digital and with 300+ marketing specialists and engineers, Deck 7 provides the resources, systems, processes, and integration for marketers to successfully execute multi-channel programs.


Not all information is being searched for on a desktop anymore, mobile search is taking over today’s search preferences. Now it’s about who has the quickest and most accessible information, if your site is not mobile friendly, people on mobile devices will simply not look at it.

Deck 7 offers custom website and mobile application development that ensures an optimized device-specific experience for your prospects. Through a consultative approach with your team, Deck 7 will help develop your online presence across desktop and mobile devices that include a mobile optimized website and mobile apps that run across a variety of screen sizes and operating systems.


Digital marketing can produce results for the education industry very quickly and at a lower cost than traditional marketing. With this industry being so large and competitive, digital marketing is a critical step to building your programs and getting them noticed.

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