Engineering and Manufacturing


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For manufacturers, digital marketing is a cornerstone of connecting with consumers and encouraging them to make a purchase. As a leader in your industry, you’ve spent years innovating, designing, and producing high grade, quality products and services, so why not invest the same amount of resources in marketing your products to your ideal customers? Many industrial firms struggle with creating strong brand awareness and differentiation.

Here are a few key factors that influence the success of marketers in the engineering and manufacturing industry, and how Deck 7 can help you with each of them:


When your manufacturing company employs a digital strategy aligned with your business goals, you can increase brand awareness of your business and attract a wider audience. In an industry where digital lead generation is quickly becoming the new normal, how can you gain more customers online without a strategic digital presence? Your manufacturing company must have a strategy in place to capture valuable online traffic and convert these online visitors into new business.

With two decades of experience listening to clients, Deck 7 helps their customers pay more attention to the quality of the content that represents them in the world, and helps companies create digital customer experiences across multiple devices and platforms to reinforce customer loyalty and brand awareness.


A digital marketing campaign will allow you to expand your company’s customer service. When you are engaging and interacting with customers online or through social media, you have an opportunity to respond “in the moment,” providing immediate responses to requests for information or addressing questions or complaints in a timely fashion. Companies need to provide a level of transparency which contributes to overall customer satisfaction.

With 7 channels of engagement that are the core of Deck 7’s Framework for Digital , Deck 7 provides marketers with the ability to use the right mix of channels to engage with their audiences in ways that they want to be reached. Digital communication provides a level of transparency for your organization which will certainly improve customer satisfaction.


Digital marketing, particularly social media, provides an outstanding platform to demonstrate your capabilities. Since customers have such a strong affinity for posts made with images, using visual content can promote your business and what you manufacture. People only remember about 10 percent of information they hear three days later which makes it crucial for companies to put their best foot forward in all channels.

Crafting and supporting a solid social media marketing strategy requires expertise, attention to detail and on-going hard work to drive campaign performance. Deck 7 creates data-driven social media marketing strategies for our clients that engages prospects and encourages conversations from your target audience.


Today’s industrial buyers are in self-serve and self-select mode, making them virtually invisible and hard to reach. They don’t need or want to talk to your sales people to get product information. Your buyers will engage with your sale team only when they are ready. Companies need to be where engineers and industrial buyers are actively searching for answers to their problems.

With specified Engineering and Manufacturing publications dedicated to niche segments in the industry, and over 1,500 campaigns in deep segments of the Engineering and Manufacturing landscape, Deck 7 marketers work alongside clients to identify not just high value accounts, but also to gain access to decision makers at these companies.


Deck 7 provides solutions that help marketers leverage account-based customer insights and market intelligence information on suppliers, contractors, new entrants, substitute products, partners, and direct competitors. The solutions are used by engineering and manufacturing companies to access customers across several industries and markets, and by companies in other industries to gain access to decision makers in engineering and manufacturing companies as potential customers.

We invite you to visit our industry publications. Decision makers and influencers use these industry and product specific communities for news, events, market information, and as a library of resources.