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Change has been on a fast-track in the entertainment industry with video-streaming services and technology-driven innovation taking the center-stage. Changing consumer demand is driving industry leaders to adopt and provide more convenient, creative, and convergent ways of travel and entertainment. With a booming travel technology market, targeting the right travelers and reaching the target audience has become a challenge. Deck 7 is helping travel and entertainment organizations identify the target audience and reach them through the right marketing channels and industry-specific media properties. Our clients in the hospitality, travel, and entertainment sector seek advice from our specialists about digital marketing, demand generation, account-based marketing, tech-driven targeting, content marketing, social media strategies, and data services.


5 Factors For Success Of Travel Marketers In 2020

Hospitality and tourism is one of the industries most influenced by advanced technology. Transportation and lodging organizations are among the primary to use advanced showcasing methods in their practices to connect with society and ensure their guests have the most ideal home away from home experience. Keeping in mind the end goal to perform well and increase competitiveness; players in the travel industry are continually searching for the most up to date and most prominent approaches to achieve the right persona and tailor their offering to their intended audience. Digital marketing application is being used by many marketers and most industries can gain some insight from these examples.

Case Studies
Case studies

Limelight Networks: OTT 2.0 and Content Delivery Networks (CS601)

United States, Canada, Mexico

Case studies

TIBCO Mashery: Travel’s Journey to Customer Satisfaction (CS602)

United States, Australia

Case studies

IBM MessageSight: MessageSight and Inner-City Transportation (CS603)

United States