Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

When it comes to health, your zip code matters more than your genetic code.

– Dr. Tony Iton

The U.S. healthcare industry's ongoing transformation creates both challenges and opportunities for marketers. This transition is driven by two variables. One is the evolution from a fee-for-service payment system to a healthcare delivery model based on transparency, quality outcomes and patient satisfaction. The second is the rise of the empowered healthcare consumer. These changes affect both the "how" and the "who" of medical marketing strategies. As a result, the role of physicians as decision-makers is undergoing a transformation.

Here are a few trends Deck 7 could help you achieve:


Most patients in today’s world want a digital experience when booking appointments plus instant access to information about their healthcare, procedures and medication. With the growing number of people using mobile to check the web it is necessary for your website to be responsive across all channels, not just desktop.

Deck 7 offers custom website and mobile application development that ensures an optimized device-specific experience for your prospects. Through a consultative approach with your team, Deck 7 will help develop your online presence across desktop and mobile devices that include a mobile optimized website and mobile apps that run across a variety of screen sizes and operating systems.


With most people turning to the web to find medical related information, it is crucial that your healthcare organization implements an SEO strategy. This will allow your organization to be easily found on the web and bring more traffic to your site. With the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry being so large and competitive, SEO is a critical investment if you want your company to been seen.

A well thought out web design or product means nothing unless your target audience can find it. Deck 7 uses an integrated approach to SEO/SEM to connect your target audience with your website or product. Through our SEO campaigns, Deck 7 can help your SERP rankings, and the overall online presence for your business.


There is an excess amount of healthcare and pharmaceutical content that many marketers are looking to get out to their target audience. In digital marketing, email can be a powerful force multiplier if you use it correctly. The idea is that you maintain brand awareness while sharing valuable information to make their decision-making process easier. This demonstrates your trust and helps build loyalty.

If you want to communicate more effectively with your target audience, digital marketing a is great solution for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Deck 7 can help your organization in many ways to reach your digital marketing goals.


The importance of data is to reach the right audience with right message at the right time. To fully leverage digital marketing channels, healthcare marketers need to be sure that they have the right there in place to create personalized, relevant audience messaging.

Deck 7 works with clients across multiple industry verticals and markets using both inbound and outbound marketing methods to generate high quality leads in volume. Tell us about your lead requirements and our team of data researchers and marketing specialists will help your business reach and convert your target demographic.


Deck 7 provides solutions that help marketers leverage account-based customer insights and market intelligence information on suppliers, new entrants, substitute products, partners, and direct competitors. The solutions are used by healthcare companies to access customers across several industries and markets, and by companies in other industries to gain access to decision makers in the healthcare, pharma, and biotech industry as potential customers.

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