IT and Technology

The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.

– Bill Gates

The IT & technology industry prides itself on its use of digital channels to engage with its audience. Content marketing is widely used by companies to create touchpoints with their audiences through various channels like the web, mobile, email, search and others. However, the measure of success achieved by different companies with these digital marketing methods varies widely

Here are five key factors that influence the success of marketers in the tech industry, and how Deck 7 can help with each of them:

Market Segmentation

Identifying the highest value sources of growth is one of the most important issues marketers face, and doing this well can have a disproportionate impact on a company’s success. What most have called market segmentation for decades, some are now calling ‘demand landscape mapping’ – but the essentials remain the same. Marketers need to reach the segments that provide the most value for their companies.

With 8 IT/Tech publications dedicated (shown alongside) to niche segments in the industry, and over 2,000 campaigns in deep segments of the IT/Tech landscape, Deck 7 marketers work alongside clients to identify not just high value accounts, but also to gain access to decision makers at these companies.

Big Data & Analytics VS. Insights

While the volumes of data collected and stored is growing rapidly, actual insights about customers - both existing and potential - remains a challenge. While several sophisticated tools exist, using them to distill intent and buying signals to recognize potential customers often remains out of reach.

With an audience of over 95 million and 31 proprietary online publications across 16 industries, Deck 7 data engineers capture data and signals to provide marketers with insights about current and potential customers and market intelligence about suppliers, partners, and competitors.

Omni-Channel Engagement

Successful marketers realize that they need to go where their customer is, and not where they want their customer to be. It’s no longer also just the ‘where’ but ‘how’ customers want to buy. Dealing with an omni-channel world means marketers need to have available several channels and they need to know the right mix of these interfaces to be able to reach their customers.

With 7 channels of engagement that are the core of Deck 7’s Framework for Digital, and with 300+ marketing specialists and engineers, Deck 7 provides the resources, systems, processes, and integration for marketers to successfully execute multi-channel programs.

Competing Globally

The challenge of omni-channel marketing is further compounded when companies do business globally. Marketers are then not just searching for customers in new places, but need to prepare a response to new competitors that come at them from different directions.

With campaign experience spanning 122 countries including all major business regions like NA, LATAM, EU, NORDICS, GCC, ASEAN, APAC and the like, Deck 7 marketers - spread across offices in time zones 12 hours apart – work around the clock to conduct location-based, ‘real-time’ marketing programs that help marketers compete globally and succeed.

Customer Centricity

According to an Econsultancy survey of 4,000 marketers, customer experience and personalization were rated as the top two digital trends to capture marketer focus by 2020. This strategic shift within companies towards greater customer centricity holds tremendous promise for both the marketer and her customers.

With the people and processes to deliver “customer-first” marketing programs, Deck 7 partners with clients across its 9 service areas to provide the platform needed for marketers to personalize customer experiences on a global scale.


Deck 7 provides solutions that help marketers leverage account-based customer insights and market intelligence information on suppliers, new entrants, substitute products, partners, and direct competitors. The solutions are used by IT & technology companies to access customers in the IT and other industries, and by companies in other industries to access IT & technology customers.

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