“We all see this positive correlation between running TV ads and eventual sales, but people aren’t clicking on their televisions. They’re not always calling that phone number.”

- Matt Johnson

The insurance industry is a powerful and lucrative industry, but one with a variety of challenges unique to selling financial products to consumers. The products are essentially the same, so how do agents and brokers find ways to separate them from the competition? Also, the business of insurance comes with its own particular problem of marketing intangibles like peace of mind and security about the future.

Here we look at six challenges that face insurance agents and brokers, and how Deck 7 can help with each of them:

The Need for Being Digital

More agents and brokers are accelerating their commitment to digital marketing methods and channels as a way to connect with their customers and the marketplace. From a recent study by Agency Revolution, 81% people are researching online for insurance options, 91% checking email daily, and 72% trusting online reviews as much as their friends. To reach your customers, you need to think digital. As Michael Jans, says, “They read digital, they research digital. They watch digital. They listen digital. They shop digital. They communicate digital. They carry digital in their pocket. They expect you to be with them – digital.”

With 9 service areas that encompass these digital technologies, and a strong insurance industry team, Deck 7 provides the resources, systems, processes, and integration for insurance agents, brokers, and marketers to successfully work ‘digital’.

Finding and Managing Leads

Finding leads is often a challenge whether it means going directly to the public or having agents in-house. Managing leads also proves tiring specially for smaller firms and independent agents. Hopefully no one needs to be ‘handing out sheets of color paper with leads’ anymore. Most agents and brokers realize that without real time insights, they are using a rear-view mirror to evaluate the effectiveness of their lead gen campaigns. Digital marketing cannot be disconnected from the team; rather the team and its processes must be aligned to be able to not just generate but manage leads well.

With 300+ marketing specialists and engineers, Deck 7 has the capacity to augment insurance brokers and agents’ teams with the required manpower for demand generation and, if desired, further integration of leads into marketing automation and sales force automation/CRM systems.

Adapting to Changing Demographics

The demographics of people who buy insurance has changed over the last 40 years – the number of single parent households, number of women making insurance decisions, people waiting longer to get married, the changing nature of multi-cultural markets, and in many other ways. However, the demographics of social media and digital users changes much faster than that – probably every year! So rather than chase vanity statistics which often results in ‘platform fatigue’, marketers need to focus on the platforms that matter the most and follow best practices for engaging with customers that want to be there, in ways that they want to connect.

With the people and processes to deliver “customer-first” marketing programs, Deck 7 partners with clients across its 9 service areas to provide the social media and platform experience needed for marketers to personalize customer experiences based on different demographics.

Trusting Established Client Relationships

The more successful brokers and agents have realized that people want conversations not ads. The industry has moved from the transactional to the relational. And although the delivery of messages for many large insurance providers still needs to be through ‘middlemen’ distribution channels like a financial advisor or bank, the faster growing companies know that insurance jargon packaged in clever digital tactics will not win them new business over the long term. All the smartest content in the world is meaningless, unless it means something to the person who receives it. And the best people to ask are your established customers.

With two decades of experience listening to clients, Deck 7 helps brokers and agents pay more attention to the quality of the content that represents them in the world, and helps insurance companies create digital customer experiences across multiple devices and platforms to reinforce customer loyalty and brand awareness.

Controlling the Costs of Acquisition

Agents and Brokers are investing in marketing automation and other digital tech as a way to connect more deeply with their customers. The internet and strong competition make it easier than ever to price shop forcing customer loyalty to take a back seat to price often. Who can spend the most dollars is not going to win, it’ll be who can spend their dollars the most wisely. The DMA cites a 43:1 ROI with email marketing for example. To improve prospecting, cross-selling and branding, marketers are exploring emerging tech and platforms that can help in controlling their costs of acquisition.

With strong industry experience in the insurance sector, 31 proprietary media properties, and 7 channels of engagement (including email marketing to a database of over 95 million), Deck uses its Framework for Digital to provide insurance marketers with the ability to use the right mix of channels to control their costs of acquisition.

The Role of Your Content

Insurance is not a high interest category for many people - try asking someone aged 18-35 about life insurance. Finding new ways to get their message to clients is often a challenge for agents and brokers, but those that are successful focus on education by being a ‘wiki’ on every product they sell. As Matt Johnson says about content, “the consumer doesn’t care if it was created by State Farm or MTV or Cartoon Network.” Content cannot be right when it’s written for search engines and not people, and when it’s written about what the products are and not what your customers want to read. This is a great opportunity to make an impact in a space that desperately needs creativity and innovation.

With the people and processes to deliver “customer-first” marketing programs, Deck 7 partners with clients to provide its content marketing services and content syndication platforms to personalize customer experiences on a local or global scale.


Deck 7 provides solutions that help marketers leverage account-based customer insights and market intelligence information on new entrants, substitute products, channel partners, and direct competitors. The solutions are used by insurance companies to access customers across several industries and markets, and by companies in other industries to gain access to decision makers in the insurance industry as potential customers.

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