Real Estate and Construction


- Jim Rohn

The importance of digital marketing cannot be denied in any business. Not only does it allow an organization to reach a wider section of the audience but also provides their existing and prospect customers an easy way to communicate with the company. However, when it comes to real estate business, digital marketing forms the prominent strategy for luring in the customers and selling the houses for a higher price to earn the commission.

Here are a few key factors that influence the success of marketers in the real estate and construction industry:


Almost everyone, in the modern times, has their accounts on various social media platforms. You might have come across various ads from different brands and businesses on your social media feeds such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. You can effectively use such platforms for reaching out to a huge number of prospect customers who are looking to buy a house.

Crafting and supporting a solid social media marketing strategy requires expertise, attention to detail and on-going hard work to drive campaign performance. Deck 7 creates data-driven social media marketing strategies for our clients that engages prospects and encourages conversations from your target audience.


Real estate companies should specialize in offering Real Estate Solutions in their marketing efforts. This will ensure that the marketing campaign is planned and executed with ROI being optimized. After all, the importance of marketing real estate properties cannot be undermined, and the benefits offered by the internet are too many to ignore.

With specified Real Estate and Construction publications dedicated to niche segments in the industry, and over 2,000 campaigns in deep segments of the Real Estate and Construction landscape, Deck 7 marketers work alongside clients to identify not just high value accounts, but also to gain access to decision makers at these companies.


When executed properly, search engine optimization delivers a reliable flow of prospects who are ready to buy. Because most people are busy competing for the same few obvious keywords, many overlook a tremendous opportunity to earn organic search traffic by publishing content that answers the kind of questions that tend to come up earlier in the buying process. The key is to think strategically about the things potential clients have to deal with before purchasing.

A well thought out web design or product means nothing unless your target audience can find it. Deck 7 uses an integrated approach to SEO/SEM to connect your target audience with your website or product. Through our SEO campaigns, Deck 7 can help your SERP rankings, and the overall online presence for your business.


One ad agency interviewed 76 leading marketers this year to find out the most important industry trends. About a quarter of them emphasized the importance of content, with a handful reiterating a phrase that’s become digital marketing’s de facto motto: Content is King. With more and more companies fighting for the throne, writing exceptional content often requires a specialist.

Deck7 creates high-quality content that engages your target audience and boosts traffic. We understand that content development takes time and resources and we are here to help. Utilizing our content specialists, we create content like whitepapers, ads, infographics and several others that drive consistent messages across multiple channels like social media, your website, email marketing, and mobile apps.


Successful marketers realize that they need to go where their customer is, and not where they want their customer to be. It’s no longer also just the “where” but “how” customers want to buy. Dealing with an omni-channel world means marketers need to have available several channels and they need to know the right mix of these interfaces to be able to reach their customer.

With 7 channels of engagement that are the core of Deck 7’s Framework for Digital and with 300+ marketing specialists and engineers, Deck 7 provides the resources, systems, processes, and integration for marketers to successfully execute multi-channel programs.


Deck 7 provides solutions that help marketers leverage account-based customer insights and market intelligence information on suppliers, contractors, builders, new entrants, partners, and direct competitors. The solutions are used by real estate and construction companies to access customers across several industries and markets, and by companies in other industries to gain access to decision makers in this industry as potential customers.

We invite you to visit our industry publication (above). Decision makers and influencers use these industry and product specific communities for news, events, market information, and as a library of resources.