Convert Your Webinar Leads into Sales Pipeline using the BDA strategy


2019 has been a remarkable year for webinars. B2B marketers utilized webinar tools extensively to deliver great webinars that helped them gain leads. But most have experienced fewer attendees and lesser engagement than expected. Although webinars are a great way to generate high-quality leads, marketers fall short on a number of factors that could otherwise turn around the whole equation for their business.

In 2020, webinars will form an integral part of B2B marketing plans. Getting the right content to discuss and talk about, having great subject matter experts on board, fixing the right day and time are all good. You can’t go wrong on the basics. But there are a few other lesser known elements that are seldom paid attention for converting the webinar leads into a strong sales pipeline. Let’s look at the essentials you need to consider before, during and after a webinar to ensure those high-quality leads become your customers. DECK 7’s BDA (Before, During, After) strategy for webinar lead conversion helps you to prepare for the webinar well in advance and take necessary steps to convert your leads into customers.


Before the webinar – ATTRACT LEADS

• Make sure you have good-quality equipment for audio and video recording of your webinar. The platform must be easy to use and have adequate features to help you navigate. Your webcam and computer must be webinar-ready too!

• Send the first email informing about the webinar one month in advance.

• Follow up regularly giving them more details and information, webinar related content and specifics.

• A day before the webinar, send a reminder.

• A final one goes 10-15 minutes before the webinar starts.

Count well on these, as it will set you right for the attendees that pour in, many of who are hot leads.


During the webinar – ENGAGE LEADS

• Instead of waiting till the end, add intermittent questions for more engagement. Use digital whiteboards to draw out your ideas or frameworks.            

• Never ever forget to poll your attendees. That is where you get their clear intent. Be creative in framing your poll questions. Understanding what to want to know from them can be a good first step to creating your question.              

• Keep the poll choices simple, clear and easy for you to understand their real intent.

• Give an opportunity to the sales reps to join the webinar so that they get a first hand know how of the audience and their critical requirements which will help them target better later.           

• Address the attendees with their first name.


After the webinar – NURTURE LEADS

• Send an email within 24 hours after the webinar thanking the attendee and soliciting their feedback through a survey.

• The sales team can in turn target the attendees by sending them the recording and slides of the webinar.

• Retarget them through ads and campaigns.

• Engage with the leads by sending them follow-up emails attaching some learning materials and giving a clear call to action.          

• Be responsive in communication and nurture the leads till they convert.

The BDA strategy will immensely help you in getting high-quality sales leads that will fill your pipeline. To know more about the strategy, connect with a DECK 7 expert today!