Webinar Promotions amid Coronavirus: Find the Connection

The Coronavirus outbreak has impacted businesses worldwide, affecting millions of people with a growing impact on the global economy. No one knows how severe the economic downturn is imminent, for how long it might be, and how harsh it would be.

Surviving is a major challenge during this lockdown phase. B2B marketers that we are having a conversation with are planning, developing, and executing webinar promotion strategies for the coming weeks of social distancing. 

People all over the world can learn something from your webinars. Whether it is a live or on-demand webinar, promoting your webinar(s) to drive demand and to make sure they are successful even during this critical time is important. And they ought to be, because everybody’s home, so the odds are in favor. They will be open to consume anything that resonates with their business strategies and help them learn how to overcome their major pain points.

Without much ado, let’s quickly run you through the key strategies that will help you promote your webinar effectively and derive the desired returns.

Role of a Landing Page 

After taking the time to contact potential speakers, setting up the logistics and drafting the content, the first thing that comes in before you start promoting your webinar is creating a neat and clean, optimized landing page on the website for all your visitors. The page will make an impact on visitors if they are finding the webinar related information easily. Here are some of the things that are essential to make your landing page a better place to spend time.

  • Provide succinct information about what your webinar is about and what your audience will get from it….benefits or takeaways.
  • Mention date and worldwide time zones of the webinar.
  • Name speakers of the event with their details.
  • A form to fill and get details of registered users.

Remember, you have to make your webinar successful right from the beginning. So, do not leave any loophole that will prompt your visitors to leave.

Once they register, the next thing you have to do is sending a thank you message (For this you can create a separate thank you page or send an SMS or an e-mail with all the final details again). Doing this will make sure for them that they’ve confirmed their seat and if you’re up for it, allow them to ask if they have any queries. This will send them a message of care about what they want from your webinar and it increases their chance of attending it.

After giving online direction to the attendees, let’s move towards some super-effective tactics for webinar promotions.

When should you start promoting your webinar? Some like to start a week before the webinar date, and some others start two weeks ahead. The difference is, it gives you time to test and pivot if needed. Once you host a few webinars, you’ll gain better insights into how quickly it takes to reach your prospective registrants, and you can increase or decrease your promotion time to what makes sense. As per research, the best days for sending invitations of your webinars are Tuesdays and Wednesdays owing to the better open and conversion rates on these days.

Hello Bar

Making people spend more time on the website and allowing them to discover what they want through your offering is always a challenge for marketers. One of the tools that make this easy is Hello bar that helps convert visitors into customers. It’s actually a plug-in that can be placed at the top or bottom of your page to grab the attention of people. You can write one or two sentences that link to your landing page or wherever you want your visitors to land with a call-to-action button. Many marketers have seen favorable results. You can try this out to see how your audience responds to it.

Exit Overlays

Exit overlays are the best ways to retain online visitors. It tracks the movement of the cursor and is displayed when the users try to navigate away from the page and convince them not to leave. The message displayed to users can be customized and gives them a chance to read your offering converting to attend the webinar. Make sure you set up the popup on the relevant page where it makes sense for visitors to take the necessary action. There is a lot to explore about exit-intent popup that you need to look for, otherwise, it can create a headache if you over-do it.

Advertise on Your Own Properties

Promoting webinars on your own properties is cost-free. You can create a permanent page where you can post about all upcoming webinars or events you are organizing. This is a one-time activity where you can regularly update your scheduled webinars. Banner ads can also be a thing that you can put on your home page. This is a great way to keep dynamic content on your page.

Publishing a blog on the upcoming webinar is also a great idea to drive more people online. Include a link to a landing page where they can register for the webinar. You can also make a tease video about your webinar and share it across all the platforms.

E-mails for Webinars

E-mails play a significant role in webinar promotions. It is the primary channel for most webinars right from the beginning to gobble up more viewers and increase conversions. Also, you can create an email signature and put the link to the webinar landing page. If you are sending emails to a large database then this is a great way to spread awareness.

Here are two awesome blogs that you can read: one of them is a step-by-step guide for webinar promotions through emails and the other one is how to convert webinar leads into sales pipeline using the BDA strategy.

Collaborating with a Big Brand or Influencer

Teaming up with a renowned brand or influencer can give you a lot of exposure and add value to your audience increasing your market reach and credibility. Partnering should such that it is easy for your collaborator to promote it. This collaboration is worth the time and effort if you prepare for it precisely.

Though this combination has a huge potential, it’s not easy to make it successful. Here is something about webinars and influencers that light up your path.

Involve Your Employees 

According to LinkedIn reports, employees have 10x more connections compared to company followers. So get your employees involved in the process of promotion as they are actually one of the greatest assets when spreading the word for your webinars. The exposure of employees’ network will be worth it. Provide a social copy and link to them so that they can share and make the best of it. 

Listing on Webinar Sites and Personalized Invites

You'll find plenty of webinar listing sites available out there to promote your webinar. Some of them can be free and some paid. Find the best one that is suitable for your webinar and drive more viewers to your webinar.

To send personalized webinars, you can sit with your sales team and draft amazing personalized messages to send invitations for key accounts. To be true, your prospects will appreciate it and they will end up attending your webinar.

Following these tactics will make your promotion way better. Throughout the journey, just remember to keep your audience in mind and plan everything accordingly. Deck 7's marketing team provides a comprehensive solution for promoting your webinars to your target audience.

What are you doing to promote your webinars and make them successful? Share with us in the comments section below.