5 Reasons Why You Need Account Based Attribution

The stark results of doing ABM from traditional demand generation tactics have made a great deal of difference in the B2B space – and for the better. But we’ve come a long way in our marketing journey, and the B2B customer journey has only gotten more intricate as we move forward. There are more channels available (both online and offline) for engagement, similarly more devices to enga...[More]

AI-Infused ABM to Enhance Customer Experience

When was the last time you had a great customer experience? Was it during a sales call, or did it pop out of an exceptional direct mail?Hubspot defines customer experience as "The impression you leave with your customer, resulting in how they think of your brand, across every stage of the customer journey."Customer experience has a direct impact on revenue. A positive customer experience promises ...[More]

RollWorks to accelerate ABM with Machine Learning

RollWorks, a division of AdRoll Group is an ABM and B2B marketing platform pioneering better ROI, lower CPC and higher CTR for various enterprises. Earlier this week RollWorks unveiled that they have launched a new machine learning solution for B2B enterprises that use ABM. With the introduction of their new predictive identification model, they can analyze a company’s closed deals or client...[More]

User Intent – the secret to B2B marketing success

“It’s not the ink, it’s the think.”-Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist, GoogleIt is all about the data. From tailoring and customizing information to providing a seamless shopping experience, use of intent data or behavioral data is making waves for B2B organizations around the globe. It has certainly made its mark and there’s no denying it.Gone are the day...[More]

Content Marketing Trends from 2016 That Will Soar in 2017

We’re almost in Q4 2016 and it’s getting to that time when we take stock of what’s worked and not worked for us this year before we begin to make our plans and set budgets for 2017.Here are 7 trends from 2016 that promise to be winners in 2017:UGC VS. STAFF CONTENTCompanies are getting increasingly better at finding ways to source their content rather than develop their own conte...[More]

Adobe's Annual Marketing Survey: The Essentials to Maturing Digitally in 2016

Maturing Digitally? Marketing isn’t what it used to be. Today, Digital Marketing is Marketing. It must be. A company will find any way possible to get its information out to those it wants to see it. Finding the best way to influence people to give the best experience. The fastest way to garner that attention is digitally.Adobe has graced us with this survey for the past seven years. A large...[More]

Your Latest Account Based Marketing Guide To B2b Success

Not just a buzzword but a game-changer for top marketers since the mid-2000s, ABM has become a staple in today’s marketing endeavors to drive demand and increase ROI.Tweet This!According to Rollworks, “B2B organizations such as Bottomline Technologies, People.ai and OneNeck IT Solutions are relying on a blend of traditional demand generation tactics with ABM strategies to cater to thei...[More]

Engagio Announces New Abm Automation Solution ’Orchestrate’

Engagio, the leader in B2B marketing engagement software, has launched Engagio Orchestrate, a new marketing solution that enables revenue teams to design and automate high-impact plays across channels such as advertising, sales engagement, marketing automation, direct mail, and CRM. The solution is designed to help teams target accounts during each point of the buying journey to build audiences fo...[More]

Intent Data And The Future Of Customer Analytics

Before you intend to engage with your buyer in their buying journey, remember that their journey is more than halfway through, already. So, mend your intentions and target being a part of it from the inception.Welcome to Intent Data.The latest cue phrase in the B2B customer data repository.Intent data is data about buyer intentions. It contains data regarding what, where and how a buyer thinks, pr...[More]

Account-Based Marketing Tactics To Stay Ahead Of The Game

“2019 will be the year of account-based data and insights. More marketing and sales teams will use account-level engagement data and a broader set of intent signals to help them identify, prioritize and personalize outreach for those accounts that are most likely to convert. This will drive greater efficiency and will set businesses up to scale their ABM efforts in 2020.”-Tyler Lessard...[More]

The 3 A’S Of Account-Based Marketing

ABM delivers the highest Return on Investment of any B2B marketing strategy or tactic. Read how these 3 A’s define why ABM is the way to go.ACCELERATIONABM accelerates the sales cycle.It is rare in a complex B2B sales cycle, that the buyer is one, isolated individual. Purchasing decisions can and normally do involve over a dozen decision makers. So, why risk pursuing one path?Because ABM act...[More]