B2B Marketing for the Holiday Season

Christmas is just around the corner!B2C advertising thrives during the holiday season but the same cannot be said for its B2B counterpart. When customers are bombarded with offers, deals, and sales from all around, it can be difficult for B2B marketers to rise above the clutter and reach their prospects.But all is not doom and gloom, Forbes predicts that next year, more than half of B2B organizati...[More]

Best Practices to Create an Ideal Webinar

Webinars are increasingly becoming a popular tool for multiple industries around the world. They’re being widely employed by marketers and other professionals to effectively establish conversations with individuals to display products, services and generate potential leads.Webinar is a web-based meeting or presentation held in real-time with individuals around the globe.Why the fuss? Creatin...[More]

Google UK launches New B2B Marketing Campaign

Google UK has aligned its B2B marketing efforts towards consumer advertising in a brand new campaign promoting the value of search advertising for businesses. ‘Find What Matters’ – Google’s first B2B search campaign aims to remind businesses of the value of search as a lucrative advertising platform. It has specifically been designed like a B2C campaign to promote the use o...[More]

Marketing Dynamics In a nutshell

Can we just acknowledge the fact that our concept of marketing has changed completely? Kind of like the famous Snapchat dog filter, I mean who knew there were going to be so many different variations to it?Each year we step into a new trend, face new challenges and come up with different solutions to one-up our competitors. But the territory of advancing tech and consumer needs is ever-changing, w...[More]

Email Marketing Checklist For 2018

Digital Marketing has exploded in the last decade. With so many tools and software to choose from it becomes challenging to keep your strategy focused. In 2011 there were roughly 150 marketing tools. In 2017 over 5,000 marketing tools were reported. With that type of growth it can be confusing which programs to select. Most companies are trying to capitalize on their ROI. Research has shown that e...[More]

How To Prepare A Marketing Plan For Startups

Whether a startup has a revolutionary business model or offers the best product or service to its market,thekey to its success will be its marketing strategy. Not only does marketing set up the brand for a company but will also help build the sales pipeline.Customers look for trusted companies to do business with, which is why content it so important. Research material related to your brand that i...[More]

Generate More B2B Leads Through Multi-channel Marketing

Sales teams trying to grow their leads could be focused on inbound efforts, outbound efforts, or both. Needless to say, most marketing efforts have the end goal of generating leads for the business.Lead generation has grown into a very dynamic process that could be done in several ways. B2B companies searching for leads should be implementing multi-channel marketing. Customers are continually sear...[More]

Top 7 Ways To Prepare The Best B2B Presentations

Whether you are pitching to a team or individual, presenting a proposal preparation is key to winning the deal. The success of B2B sales will reflect on your approach. Starting out a situation the wrong way has no return. Being confident, creating the best powerpoint presentation, and having your sales strategy locked away will have you leaving a good impression.Check out these 7 ways to improve y...[More]

Guide For Winning B2B Customers

Although many companies have different products and services their marketing goals are consistent. Companies competing in business to business sales are searching for more leads, more sales, and ultimately more ROI. In order to capture high-quality B2B leads, marketing strategy needs to be geared towards effective lead generation.In this guide, you will find how to structure lead generation for th...[More]

5 Reasons Why B2B Marketers Must Optimize Mobile

As the world of marketing continues to expand, so do the channels in which messaging is received. For years B2B buyers would use personal relationships, print ads, phone calls and desktops to find what they were looking for. As new generations rise up to take their place, the marketing strategy of B2B companies needs to accommodate the newcomers.Today that would be the millennials! As the driving ...[More]

B2b Storytelling And Most Successful Formats For 2020

What is B2B Storytelling?Storytelling in B2B marketing isn't just about recounting to a decent story: it's the specialty of having the option to pass on your brand's story and convey your message in such a way that it will interest your group of audience, their feelings and eventually assist you with picking up their trust.Brand storytelling is picking up force in the marketing world. Stories are ...[More]

B2b Marketing Innovations In 2019

Speaking of marketing innovations, there have been many tried and true methods but what we’re looking at is the out-of-the-box “trends” that have come through. While technology is constantly changing the B2B marketplace, it is crucial to take a moment and see which ones have stood out from the crowd. In this article, we’ll look at 4 innovative marketing trends that are maki...[More]

Changing Marketing Dynamics And Strategies To Cope

‘Change is The Law of Marketing’Markets keep changing. With the fast paced advancement in technology and the induction of internet, the world has become digital and mobile. Markets are dynamic today. The change in dynamics is the result of this advancing technology.Marketing is all around us. Marketing influences how we think and the way we trade. Be it in the selection of a product or...[More]

7 Strategies To Increase Brand Visibility

Every brand out there is trying hard to get itself noticed and grab the attention of a potential customer by employing unique SEO tactics. With the rampant use of digital platforms working on seamless integration globally, it has become the need of the hour to get your brand right up there, in the front, on the face. And making it stand out from the clutter, doesn’t come easy.In the B2B spac...[More]

Take On The Biggies: Marketing Tips And Tricks For Startups

The success of a startup will often depend on the set up of its marketing strategy. Sometimes the founders have little to no marketing experience. Businesses will sometimes forgo a marketing budget to tend to the other needs of the business, however marketing efforts play a big role in the sales pipeline.Choosing to dedicate time and resources to marketing will increase sales, quality of leads, an...[More]

7 Reasons Why Omni-Channel Marketing Is Important For Every Business

Today, it is not enough to just connect with your customers over one email or one event. Instead, make a statement through multiple channels. Creating a seamless experience amongst all channels will satisfy your audience. It is no longer impressive to have a seamless experience with a company, it is expected. Customers dropping off should not happen due to lack of communication between channels. D...[More]

B2b Marketing Stats That Will Help You In 2018

TOP B2B MARKETING STRUGGLESMany companies in the B2B space face similar challenges when it comes to marketing. Knowing that others are in the same position is comforting but knowing how to overcome these challenges is rewarding. Acknowledging where your weaknesses lie is the first step in overcoming them. In a recent study by HubSpot, business has acknowledged these 8 struggles at their top B2B ma...[More]

How To Influence C-Level Decision Makers In B2b Marketing

In the world of business to business marketing and sales, there may be times that you have an opportunity to sell directly to the C-level decision makers in the company. Rather than the typical approach with a manager of director, C-level contacts require more prep to establish validity and ultimately a long working relationship.When selling to the C-suite directly, it is important to spend your t...[More]

B2b Chatbot Benefits

As a consumer, almost every website you encounter will have a ‘live chat’ function. But are there also benefits from a B2B perspective? There are two very good reasons why B2B companies are incorporating chatbots in their marketing mix.1. 20% INCREASE IN CONVERSION RATES 2. CUSTOMERS ARE 3X MORE LIKELY TO BUYNot only does this have a huge impact on the volume of your lead generation,...[More]