How to Host a Successful Virtual Event to Help Your Business Survive Digitally

TheCoronavirus pandemic has compelled us to avoid large gatheringsfor the sake of everyone’s health. As a result of this, many trade shows, conferences, and events have to be either canceled, postponed or converted into virtual events. Some of the big events that have been impacted are:Adobe canceled its annual live summit and confirmed to move the entire event online.Facebook has canceled i...[More]

Intent Data in the Age of Data Regulation

Since the implementation of Data Protection Act in 2018, the approach behind the use of data has changed dramatically. Our clients and customers don’t just want a great experience, they also want to make sure they can trust us.Tweet This!And it makes perfect sense in the present time and space.But as data is considered a key factor in positive customer experience, the U.S. brands and agencie...[More]

5 Overlooked Webinar Strategies for Marketers to Consider

Back in the late 90s, Microsoft provided the technology for webinars to go public with the launch of the platform – NetMeeting. Webinars have come a long way since its inception. As we approach 2020, the next stage of digital marketing has already begun taking shape. Exceptional user experiences as well as UI designs of all content including webinars have become essential. AI has enabled dat...[More]

Use of Popups for Lead Generation

Popups are used on almost every website nowadays. Chances are, you have already encountered thousands of them. At first glance, they may seem to have a bad reputation due to their intrusiveness to the user experience, but if used correctly, they can be a very powerful tool to help marketers in generating leads by enabling more user friction with the website's content. 'Software Sumo' reported that...[More]

Remarketing – An Effective Way To Boost Your Conversion Rates

Struggling to convert your website traffic into leads? Remarketing is the digital magnet you can use to persuade your visitors. This effective strategy allows you to connect with potential leads you worked so hard to get to visit your site in the first place.What is Remarketing?In simple terms, remarketing is the practice of targeting a consumer with a recently viewed product to drive conversion. ...[More]

Right Messaging for the Right Audience

Do you know various enterprises provide perfect products and services but simply can’t succeed? It’s because their content doesn’t reach the proper audience. No matter how engaging it is. Often content is aligned to appeal to everyone, which leads to lower conversion rates and a waste of time and resources. Social media platforms are constantly evolving, with larger audiences and...[More]

SEO Tactics to Boost Your Whitepaper

Does your business content strategy include whitepaper marketing? If not, you should definitely consider indulging in producing one. Whitepaper marketing can make a great impact on the amount of traffic you generate for your website and the amount of leads you capture.Your whitepaper must be approached from a perspective of it being helpful to the readers and not just being pitchy to try and get l...[More]

Top Ways to Bolster your Whitepaper Outreach

There is a lot of effort, time and expertise that goes into creating an elaborate and definitive brief document called a ‘whitepaper’, but the work doesn’t stop here, you’re only halfway through! Whitepapers are an effective tool for content promotion when it comes to the B2B market sphere. You need to get down and proceed with a decisive plan for promoting your whitepaper ...[More]

Employing CRO as the Main Weapon for Your Marketing Success

“Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.” Michael Hyatt“Our jobs as marketers are to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them to do so.” - Bryan EisenbergLaunching a successful B2B marketing campaign can work as a differentiator that sets your brand apart within a crowded market.Yes! You heard campaign; it sounds extremely complicated, but it&rsqu...[More]

Digital Marketing Strategies for Pharma in 2019

Marketing strategies tend to change with time and place. Strategies that upsurge sales in one particular region may not be effective in some other region. Not only this, but marketing strategies are also influenced by the industry domain in which these are applied.Tweet This!The pharmaceutical industry is one such domain where growth is mainly characterized by various marketing strategies and othe...[More]

Top 5 CRO Hacks to boost your Marketing efforts

From not providing enough context for your conversion rates to not really understanding the statistics or relying on minor results of A/B testing, the list goes on as to why a lot of businesses are failing to convert visitors into paying customers.Luckily, we’ve broken it down so you never have to fall into the same category.Let's look into the 5 key ideas you can leverage to boost your conv...[More]

Digital Marketing and Brand Building

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room,” Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has rightly said.In the fast-changing market dynamics, brands are what captures the attention and concern of most people. Branding is crucial for any company because it is the identity of your business. Branding not only gives your business a name, but also encourages consumer awaren...[More]

Adobe's Annual Marketing Survey: The Essentials to Maturing Digitally in 2016

Maturing Digitally? Marketing isn’t what it used to be. Today, Digital Marketing is Marketing. It must be. A company will find any way possible to get its information out to those it wants to see it. Finding the best way to influence people to give the best experience. The fastest way to garner that attention is digitally.Adobe has graced us with this survey for the past seven years. A large...[More]

Webinar Promotions Amid Coronavirus: Find The Connection

TheCoronavirus outbreakhas impacted businesses worldwide, affecting millions of people with a growing impact on the global economy. No one knows how severe the economic downturn is imminent, for how long it might be, and how harsh it would be.Surviving is a major challenge during this lockdown phase. B2B marketers that we are having a conversation with are planning, developing, andexecuting webina...[More]

Convert Your Webinar Leads Into Sales Pipeline Using The Bda Strategy

2019 has been a remarkable year for webinars. B2B marketers utilized webinar tools extensively to deliver great webinars that helped them gain leads. But most have experienced fewer attendees and lesser engagement than expected. Although webinars are a great way to generate high-quality leads, marketers fall short on a number of factors that could otherwise turn around the whole equation for their...[More]

Global B2b Geo Marketing Trends For 2020

The rapid advancement of location-based technology has propelled Geo Marketing to the frontline of marketing strategies.Enterprises are heavily investing in geo-based marketing technologies to connect to their ideal buyers. According to the latest 2019 report by Zion Market Research, the global geo-marketing market spending was about $7.4 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach approximately $38....[More]

Tips To Create A Winning Linkedin Re-Targeting Strategy

“Remarketing” can be defined as taking a “second shot” at marketing to somebody who’s visited your website. If you’re running a B2B business and somebody visits your website to read an awesome article, blog or whitepaper but doesn’t send you a message to inquire more about your services. Instead, they just leave. Wouldn’t it be great if you could adv...[More]

Podcast Marketing: A Brief Overview

Marketers, are you looking to build a niche/premium client base that is highly engaged? Look no further than podcasts!85% of people who click “play” on a podcast listen to nearly all of it and 42 million Americans (or 15% of the US population) listen to a podcast every week.Podcasts Have Come A Long WayThe popularity of podcasts as a marketing outlet is growing and expanding exponentia...[More]

Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics You Shouldn’T Ignore

A successfulCRO campaignwon’t just save your time, money, and efforts but also help you discover new growth strategies for your business.Tweet This! When executed right, CRO uncovers useful customer behavior insights as well as important tips on how to better optimize the user experience (UX) to meet your goals.But how do you pull off an effective campaign that drives results? According to t...[More]

A Guide To Whitepaper Promotion On Publication Sites

Do Publication Sites Really MatterA successful whitepaper does require all the promotional activities but at the same time the places where you publish your whitepaper matters a lot. Imagine a situation where you have done all the promotional activities for your whitepaper with the best display ads, interstitial ads, and other rich media content but there are no visitors on the page where you have...[More]

6 Things To Consider For Your Whitepaper Promotion

Are you looking to establishthought leadership,generate more leadsand perhaps nurture the existing ones until they are ready to buy? When it comes to growing your pipeline and achieving maximum returns, most B2B businesses consider whitepaper to be more effective than videos, blogs, infographics, e-newsletters, etc.Unlike the sea of content that we often see today, awhitepaperis something that you...[More]

2019 Webinar Benchmarks Report| Webinars Are Alive And Kicking

Have you ever wondered what it takes to put together a blockbuster webinar? Neither too many things, nor too little. Just a few critical things that if done wisely, can make the mark.That’s precisely some quintessential analytics and compact research results which can take you closer to organizing a webinar that is worth a hundred repeats.2019 also happens to be a promising year for webinars...[More]

Omnichannel Marketing Execution Strategies For 2020

Omnichannel Marketing! It sounds like another buzzword in this modern marketing era!Wait! It's 2020, and out of our realization, omnichannel marketing is all around us as another customer-centric approach to marketing.As a marketer, are we really one step behind our customers? Let’s rewind and check.At first, people started googling everything so, to rank first on google search engine page, ...[More]

5 Digital Marketing Trends You Can't Miss

The digital marketing landscape is witnessing a dramatic shift. What was effective just a few years ago is now an old hat. With increasing demands in the business, every year, new technologies come out, existing technologies get smarter & advanced, and this is not going to stop, but will continue to happen with a faster pace in future.In 2013, 76% of those asked in Adobe’s Digital Distre...[More]

Omnichannel Marketing - An Overview

Let’s talk about customer experience (CX), shall we? It’s what defines your company’s success and sets you apart from the rest. It also happens to be an integral part of omnichannel marketing.Tweet This!As opposed to multichannel marketing, omnichannel marketing is best described as an integrated and comprehensive sales approach to reach out to prospects no matter where they are....[More]