How to Navigate Your Email to Your Audience’s Inbox

Are you struggling to craft the perfectemailsthat your target audience would want to openand read?Whether you like it or not the success of your email marketing campaign depends on how much open rates you get. You cannot generate new business opportunities if there’s no one to read your emails. More than 20% of yourmarketing emailsnever make it to the audience’s inbox, so you must proc...[More]

5 Mistakes to Look out for in Email Marketing Automation

Timely, personalized and hyper-relevant to the reader, automated emails are certainly doing a hell of a job for marketers by saving them plenty of time and money. But having said that, a lot of them are still making mistakes – from not being careful of the smallest errors to painful data problems, some of these can seriously damage your credibility.When it comes down to email marketing autom...[More]

5 Best Practices For Your Customer Data Management

Customer data management… What is it? Why do we need it? Is there a right or wrong way touse it? Simply put: it is important, because, and YES! Many times sales teams engage with a prospect, forget about the conversation, and they become a lost lead. We’re human of course we forget things from time to time. So, how do we fix this? And what are the answers to those questions, for real....[More]

6 Essential Tips To Make Your Emails More Engaging

"If Social Media is the cocktail party, then email marketing is the ‘meet up for coffee’. The original 1 to 1 channel."-Erik Harbison| CMO & Co-Founder | The Marketing HelpThe world today is dominated by social media, mobile apps, and smartphone technologies. There are countless ways you can connect with your customers, but just one channel continues to perform well year after year...[More]

Email Marketing - Still The Single Best Marketing Channel To Drive Leads

Talking about successful marketing strategies, do you know email marketing consistently ranks as one of the best tactics to reach your ultimate marketing goals?The world today is dominated by social media and mobile, where an Email marketing campaign is not a new thing. Yet, there is no denial of the fact that still, it is one of the most effective channels for any business organisation to drive m...[More]

Content Marketing Trends From 2016 That Will Soar In 2017

We’re almost in Q4 2016 and it’s getting to that time when we take stock of what’s worked and not worked for us this year before we begin to make our plans and set budgets for 2017.Here are 7 trends from 2016 that promise to be winners in 2017:UGC VS. STAFF CONTENTCompanies are getting increasingly better at finding ways to source their content rather than develop their own conte...[More]