7 Clever Strategies for Scalable B2B Lead Generation in 2020

New year, new challenges!That's not true for B2B lead generation companies. Lead generation continues to be marketers' primary task, but also a constant challenge. According to Hubspot, generating traffic and leads was a major challenge for 63% of marketers in 2019. Now, if you're one of the marketers, you don't want to enter New Year with the same problems. And we are here to help.Over the last d...[More]

Why Lead Generation for IT Companies is Dead

From Neanderthals to Homo sapiens, bullock carts to electric vehicles, door-to-door marketing to digital marketing, evolution is inevitable. With the advent of machine learning, AI, and advanced data analytical tools, traditional lead generation for IT companies as we know it is dead. Modern marketing budgets are significantly increasing as enterprises realize the correlation between increased spe...[More]

Lead Generation in APAC (Singapore): 7 Hacks for absolute success

Having gone through substantial changes, mainly, digital, and social, lead generation at present means to focus on being found and nurture long-term relationships with the buyers.Tweet This!With that said, let’s dive into how businesses in Singapore – one of the APAC, are generating leads to tip the scales in their favor. Below are the 7 key tricks of the trade to help you succeed:-Usi...[More]

Up Your Lead Generation Game in IT Industry

Today the reality of Information Technology is that it has influenced almost every business organization. With the progression of innovative technology each and every angle of business is impacted significantly, and one of the areas that technology has affected the most, however, is the IT Lead Generation domain.Trying to bring in customers for an ever-growing IT industry?Well, there is no denial ...[More]

Top 5 Checklist For Lead Gen Companies

There’s a ton of mediocrity in lead generation- both in-house and outsourced. However, there are many things good insourced operations and lead generation companies do well. While lead generation is not brain surgery, there are plenty of moving parts in a well-run lead generation machine. Failure to perform and organize all of the moving parts could lead to poor results.Here is DECK 7’...[More]

The 3 A’s of Account-Based Marketing

ABM delivers the highest Return on Investment of any B2B marketing strategy or tactic. Read how these 3 A’s define why ABM is the way to go.ACCELERATIONABM accelerates the sales cycle.It is rare in a complex B2B sales cycle, that the buyer is one, isolated individual. Purchasing decisions can and normally do involve over a dozen decision makers. So, why risk pursuing one path?Because ABM act...[More]

7 B2b Demand Generation Strategies For 2020

Demand generation is often mistaken with lead generation though it is significantly different. Let's make it clearer here. Demand generation is a long-term activity to create awareness and needs about the product or service in the minds of prospects, whereas lead generation is mainly about getting contact details through various activities.Moreover, demand generation is about educating your prospe...[More]

Quick Tips To Grow Online Leads

Without reaching the right audience your business will fail, all-the-time, every time! Having the best product doesn't guarantee you success in the market place. This is why lead generation is critical. HubSpot’s statistics found that 54% more leads are generated by inbound tactics than by traditional paid marketing.Marketers all around the globe are constantly on the lookout for sustainable...[More]

Tips To Maximize Lead Generation For Healthcare Services

It is reported that the US healthcare industry spent $2.84 billion on online advertising and is estimated to spend another $3.14 billion this year. Regardless of digital marketing and advertising’s continued success, the healthcare sector somehow feels short of development. This happens because of two main reasons: their inability to keep up with the quality and not having enough medical lea...[More]

How To Be A Better Driver Of Your Own Decisions

Decisions are very personal and so much goes into them, that oftentimes it is much easier to be indecisive. However, indecision does not support goals. Goal setting is crucial in driving productivity. So, how does one make a decision faster and how do we know that is the right one?Here are the 3 P's:Personal mottoPrioritiesProductivityWith each P, we’ll break down a big decision and a small ...[More]

Content Marketing Trends From 2016 That Will Soar In 2017

We’re almost in Q4 2016 and it’s getting to that time when we take stock of what’s worked and not worked for us this year before we begin to make our plans and set budgets for 2017.Here are 7 trends from 2016 that promise to be winners in 2017:UGC VS. STAFF CONTENTCompanies are getting increasingly better at finding ways to source their content rather than develop their own conte...[More]