How to Leverage Intent Data to strengthen Your MarTech Stack

Wouldn’t it be great if you’d know where to find prospects that are most likely to buy? Or what’s bugging them to delay buying? If it was possible to get insights on the purchase-intent of your buyer? Or if they are truly looking to buy?Most businesses spend huge amounts on advertising campaigns and still don’t come any close to meet their intended targets. If you’re ...[More]

5 Marketing Technology Trends for 2020

“The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous.” Peter F. DruckerTweet This!While selling is an art, it solely depends on the fact how much marketing efforts you have put in to make it possible. And when it comes to marketing efforts it will be incomplete unless you leverage modern technology to attain these marketing goals as ‘modern marketing requires modern solutions.&rs...[More]

A Glimpse into Martech 2019

The oft-hailed MarTech conference where marketing, technology, and management culminates into a global confluence of marketers and technologists, has just concluded.This year, the globe-trotting marketing mavens graced San Jose Convention Centre from April 3-5 sharing their future-ready acumens and showcasing what the marketing of tomorrow would be. Here are some vital insights from ChiefMartec:1....[More]

True Influence® Inaugurates Its Intent Data Feed

True Influence, an intent-based marketing and demand generation solutions provider, announced its Intent Base data feed. The tool aims to provide B2B marketing teams with intent signals that represent opportunities to connect with a target audience.Why intent data is essential for B2B marketers and enterprises?Intent data is the elixir that makes marketing strategies tick and allows companies to l...[More]

10 Must-Have Marketing Technology Stack For Your B2b Tech

Still think your current martech stack doesn't need an upgrade? Think again.2019 is gradually coming to a close and marketing channels have shown no signs of slowing down. If you’re amarketerwho’s part of a technology-dominated industry, you know well that it’s no longer a bonus to be technologically savvy in this day and age. To ensure customers don’t just drop out of your...[More]