Why Deck 7

Deck 7 is a digital marketing and media company that works with brands, agencies, and platforms worldwide on brand awareness and lead generation programs.

Clients look to Deck 7 when…

  • Striving to reach highly targeted audiences
    in specific countries, industries, company sizes, functions and job titles.
  • Under significant pressure to generate leads
    at scale and speed
    to meet monthly and
    quarterly deadlines.
  • Frustrated with low conversion from MQLs
    into SALs/SQLs and opportunities.
  • Committed to multiple marketing channels
    to acquire leads but losing sleep over lead
    across channels and providers.
  • Searching for a partner who can alleviate.
    pressure on internal marketing ops.

and select us for…

  • Data and media to enable large audience
    reach programs into markets.
  • Processes and systems tuned for lead gen
    at scale and speed through multiple
  • Different types of best fit campaigns
    customized to the buyer journey.
  • One-stop shop with integrated solutions
    across email, social, search, web, mobile,
    display, and voice.
  • Horde of armed warriors (read marketing
    experts with the latest martech stack) a
    phone call away.

We provide 7 services using 7 marketing channels with a media group of over 30 publications across 16 verticals with a reach of over 95 million worldwide.